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What is this. Freelotto send me that i'm won these prizes. But they required the credit card. So i have a visa card and i enter the visa card number. But freelotto said me "unfortunatly we are unable to activate your FAST subscription using the billing information you have provided at this time. To start your FAST subscription account immediately. Please enter new billing information." I dont no what i do. Please help me. Thank you. Read more

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I kind of played and won an iphone 7 and i filled in certified winner claim form but i dont know how long it takes to reach me?????

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Everyone's an ***. If you believe a "lottery" you haven't paid to play or sought in real life in the real world will pay you real money and awards actual over the top prizes by soliciting you via a pop up or email of some sort, you deserve to get taken to the bank. It's 2016. Are you for real? Nobody is sending pop up ads promising free money or thousands in prizes AND then asking for your information, calling it a "lottery" that you've "won"... Read more

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Civ smt sifurrehmanQ-office PO Box #9200306CMH Haider Abad canttpakistanMobile#+923452283668 PlasmaNet Inc. . dear sir/ madam PRIZE CLAIM DOCUMNENT frist i thank for u give me this chance and i'm very happy to received your PAID & ELIGIBLE STATUS NOTIFICATION. I clame my prize with my TSN number and include this details Personal Information First Name – saif Last Name- urrehman Address- Civ smt sifurrehmanQ-office PO Box #9200306CMH Haider... Read more

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Fraud, scams!!! Fake lotto company!

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la verdad me interesa mucho saber si en realidad tengo 3500 dolares como me lo hicieron informar en un correo que recibi el 30 de mayo del 2016, tambien dice que gane un ipada mini, n TV Smart LED Samsung 3D de 65",Computadora portátil Dell Inspiron,Un iPad Mini de Apple,n certificado de ahorro de SkyAuction de US$50.00 Sección A: Divulgación de valor del gran premio Ha sido dirigido a este formulario de reclamo de premios porque usted es un... Read more

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I just wanted to let people know that the first time that I won a dollar from freelotto I could not figure out how to claim it. The link to prizeclaim would not work. Well, sometime later I downloaded a new browser (it was Puffin, but I dont know if it matters what you use) and when I again won a dollar the prizeclaim link DID work. Its something for you guys that cant figure out how to claim a win to try. Read more

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Sumsung 65"tv smart ipod iphone laptop computer

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Logged in as 97632278 ON fREELOTTO and sent numerous requests for cancellation of Fast subscription both on the website and to their e address which have all been contemptuously ignored. Should they fraudulently make any further deduction from my bank account I will lay a charge of fraud. I will be warning all the people I have referred to the scam artists and will not only warn other potential betters but will publish widely ON EVERY POSSIBLE... Read more

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